“4everItaly ™” is the first major campaign of civic crowdfunding promoted in favour of the Italian artistic heritage. A cultural project, a high sense of civic duty, and prompt viability for anyone, in the best tradition of the projects proposed to the crowd.
Each person part of the crowd is the “owner” of the unique cultural beauties of our country  (Italy) has always been known as the “cradle of culture.”
The Italian citizens have  recognized at the  Article 9 of the Constitution have the right and duty of take care of historical and artistic heritage.
Italy is  the Country with the greatest number of UNESCO sites and we have unique historical beauties in the world. Who can claim, for example, Etruscan settlements?
The density of the presence of museums, foundations, libraries, churches, abbeys, is unique and unrepeatable.
But all this needs to be taken care of, valued, exposed and explored (new digs), as in the case of the Etruscan town of Marzabotto (Bologna), only by gender, size and features.
The civic crowdfunding is the natural response to the protection of a single world heritage.
“4everItaly ™” is a format that debuted presenting to large audience of visitors to our country.
The transparency of civic crowdfunding
allows the donor and the partner to follow the realization of the project: the partners can then monitor the SROI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_return_on_investment ) and assess next steps, as well as harmonizing the investment in their marketing campaigns, on their balance sheets and communicating with its stakeholders an innovative added value of its own reality.
4everItaly ™” has  a high cultural content of the project, both in terms of the exploitation and conservation of the artistic heritage, but also for other aspects of the campaign itself, how to stimulate the taste of discovery, of traveling to foreign tourists and no, the repetitive purchase of living in our country, the fruition of new services (always related to tourism) and not least the creation of new jobs related to the projects.
We hope that you become “addicted Italy” and that your enthusiasm, and passion will bring you to become repetitive donors and consumers (travellers) in our country even for short periods.
The campaign is characterized by a registered trade mark and by the payoff “be part of eternity”, help us to spread this message and campaign: use social!


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