Italian pride

To understand the beauty, to love the history, to preserve our monuments and  the excavations, you  do not need to be great writer: only  love with the heart and soul.
Close your eyes and imagine a friend, a loved one, the first time that you have brought on a visit to any of our beautiful Italian cities: tell me, he has not said “Beautiful! Fantastic! Great””?
We are confident that surely will have had exclamations of wonder watching the squares, monuments, churches, basilicas, excavation …
Impossible to remain indifferent to Italy, by its varied landscape to its artistic and cultural heritage.
As your friend may be cynical or indifferent, as modern and “alternative”, it is inevitable to have a gasp of wonder.
We, Italians have this infinite taste, grow in beauty,  we “eat” it  and enjoy; not surprisingly, that there is the Italian style.
How can we think that our ancient roots, that generated this taste, this Italian-style go missing?
How can we think that our monuments from falling to pieces, or live only buried in the dust and garbage?
It is unthinkable. In the era of sharing, of smartphones that allow you to share moments of our day, certainly everyone has posted the photo in front of a famous italian monument.
We can do much more with our smartphone, like as choose to support the Italian artistic heritage and to make it just a “click”
Can you tell if there’s another country that has nuragic sites, Phoenicians, Etruscans, Romans, which has more than 4,500 museums, which has more than 3,000 castles, which has villas of every age, Roman aqueducts, fortresses, galleries, villas, churches, basilicas, monasteries … know another country that has the most about Italy?
We are unique and we have to defend, protect, preserve our uniqueness.
We are the keepers of world history, the long journey of humanity, we are the Templars of art history.
And if now that you have closed your eyes and savored the Italian history, what do you think would happen if you donate some Euros for the protection of the artistic heritage?
Your lives will not be shook like a stock exchange crisis, but because you’ll be the richest patrons.
Support with us, “4everItaly ™” project, promoted by the Italian for the protection of the Italian artistic heritage.

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