A special video

When we decided to dedicate a long campaign of civic crowdfunding to Italian heritage, the first problema was:  how do we show it?
Oh yes, because telling the beauty of our country is easy and difficult at the sametime;, there are also logistical and regulatory constraints that small businesses like ours are faced with, such as the ability, permission, video costs.
But one day, we said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” and contacted the Press Office of Italy Print miniature in Rimini, a magical place www.italiainminiatura.com
Today, the park is owned by Costa Edutainment http:// www.costaedutainment.it
We spent a day in the park as well, shooting the beautiful miniatures produced during the last 50 years from some Italian talented and skilled craftsmen working there.
Believe those miniatures have enchanted and bewitched at the same time: great!  But what have we done to Italia in Miniature?
We shot this video to tell you, to your friends, to the tourists, how much is wonderful our Country. Please, enjoy with a  wonderful flight over the beauty Nation, Italy, to remember and remind that depends on all of us to remain “good” and that arts must be protected even with a micro- donation
We wish that all of you, will be witness of the Italian beauty heritage.
Please, tell to  your friends and that donate.
You’ll be part  of eternity and history.
This video will soon be available with our message in different languages; write to monuments@4everyitaly.it to get it!
Make it viral, you can also download it in whatsup version, share it on social! And now … enjoy: “4everItaly, be part of the eternity!”

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